Hello! I'm

Hosan Lee

I navigate through the world at the intersection of social innovation, technology, and interaction design. Through a vast network of relationships with other mission-oriented leaders across the globe, I am uniquely positioned and motivated to mobilize around shared vision. This includes collaborations with people I trust and respect to help kick-start innovation concepts within their organizations, or assembling teams to execute on my own.

Some of my projects have been featured in press outlets like the Financial Times, Fortune, and Forbes, and speaking engagements have included discussions on race, startups, entrepreneurship, and scaling social cohesion.

I’m interested in projects that build out social infrastructure for long-term and sustainable power shifts.



Exploring short to mid-term solutions that can supplement longer-term culture shifting efforts by embedding the mechanics of bias mitigation directly into the product development process.

Inclusion Ventures is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultancy with clients like Twitter, Salesforce, World Economic Forum, the Omidyar Network, adidas, and some of the world’s largest global philanthropic organizations. Like most of the DEI industry, they’ve traditionally focused on organizational culture and hiring practices. I’m helping establish an innovation lab to explore how we can build quicker and more responsive bias mitigation measures directly into the product cycle as companies slowly transition towards a more inclusive future of work.


Ambassador; Global Fellowship Council

Activating the fullest potential of what a coordinated global network of 30,000 people can achieve.

RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is a global network of 30,000 Fellows committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. Former Fellows include Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, and Benjamin Franklin.

I am honored to serve as a Fellow and Washington DC Ambassador, and have been selected to represent the U.S. on the Global Fellowship Council. Some RSA-incubated initiatives I’m currently involved with in early development stages include:

• Street University 

Street University addresses the need for citizens to directly shape the economic policies and practices that affect their communities through a curriculum designed around economic literacy, political advocacy, and social movements. 

• Art of Change

Art of Change is a vehicle to rally the RSA fellowship – and the world – around the question “What are the mechanics of social changemaking that make sense in the 21st century?



Currently in stealth.

AI-enabled movement building at the convergence of digital and real-world engagement. Dokusa : (Turkish) “I wish for us to weave a tapestry together.”



Currently in stealth.

The Institute for the Study of Propaganda, Intelligence, and Security is a hybrid think tank/action network focused on historical and contemporary mechanics of the transnational flow of information capital. The goal is to align a global network of academic researchers and real-world practitioners.