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I am an entrepreneur and social innovation strategist with a background in experience design and technology.

I am purpose-driven to build social infrastructure that expands people’s understanding of each other and the world around them, which create pathways for people to come together and create something greater than themselves.

Some topics I have been invited to speak about include social innovation, design and power, technology and bias, scaling empathy, and startups. Projects have been featured in the Financial Times, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and Washington Post.

I am currently based in Switzerland and Washington DC. Please visit Linkedin for infrequent professional updates.

Whether it’s building a product, service, or community, my work consistently embeds these core principles –

  • Collaboration towards shared goals
  • Sharing stories, insights, resources, and opportunities
  • Learning from multiple perspectives and finding commonalities across perceived differences

How these elements translate into tangible practices –

  • Systematic facilitation of empathy and network diversity into every user journey (TABLETRIBES)
  • Automated compliance tools for focused anti-bias interventions in the product development process (InclusionVentures)
  • Weaving social cohesion across ecosystems, communities, and individuals towards an eye on real-world impact at scale (RSA)

What energizes me is working with other action-oriented people on intellectually engaging problems that impact how we live, build, and shape our communities in more compassionate ways.

Some inquiry guiding my learning journey these days –

Future of Aging: What does it means to “add value” to society, and when/why does that stop? How could we unlock more opportunities for inter-generational collaboration and knowledge exchange? How do our concepts of aging change if we think about time cyclically? What does “the future” mean to people 65+? Why is everything for older people so ugly?

Future of Art: Could we apply innovation mechanisms from other sectors to the arts? Could we unlock sustainable funding vehicles and create more opportunities for artists working with technology to participate in tangible societal progress at scale?

Please feel free to get in touch.

I’m grateful for the incredible founders, creators, innovators, activists, journalists, thinkers, and builders I’ve met from around the world, all committed to striving towards the greater good. I learn so much from their passion to better society, which inspires me to do the same.