Proposal for Art of Change Microsite
Created by Hosan Lee

RSA presents

Art of Change

For the past few decades, a lack of comprehensive understanding of RSA’s vast potential as a global network created gaps in effectively mobilizing stakeholders – which include 30,000 Fellows, trustees, speakers, award recipients, staff members, researchers, partners, funders, and media – towards a common vision.

But today, we are in a much-needed transition. We have an opportunity to maximize the impact and relevance of a truly global RSA.

Art of Change serves as a short to mid-term public campaign vehicle that leverages Fellowship engagement to rally all RSA stakeholders around one unifying question: “What are the mechanics of social changemaking that make sense in the 21st century?”

As longer-term strategies are being developed, we can bridge the past to the future by showcasing and amplifying the best of RSA in the present through a focused microsite.

Featuring the fellowship:
stories of change within the RSA

1. Activate Fellowship influencers and aligned partners

Alexa Clay | U.S. Director

2. Show commitment to diverse narratives and perspectives

Chuck Redmond | Vice President
Venture Philanthropy Partners

3. Advance RSA's social change goals through grassroots networks

Terry Mazany | Founder
Chicago Community Trust

4. Advance thought leadership goals through institutional channels

Ahnna Smith | Executive Director
DC Workforce Investment Council

Establish RSA as a global leader in social changemaking


By showcasing a focused narrative that’s centered around RSA’s greatest asset – a global network of 30,000 Fellows – audiences are able to quickly grasp RSA’s leadership role within the world of ideas and action.

+ Clarity of promotional assets

The Art of Change microsite promotes RSA-relevant content like interviews, case studies, and frameworks around social change, to become a dynamic and emergent body of work that communicates RSA’s fullest potential in one snapshot.


+ Targeted programmatic partnerships

Attaching outcomes to public-facing outreach can incentivize funding and partnership leads. Each inspiring and thought-provoking change story is a potential opportunity to amplify the reach of impact by cross-activating mission-aligned organizations and networks.


+ Visualization

Developing a narrative experience of the RSA ecosystem will help internal and external stakeholders have a unified orientation into the broader landscape.


Establish trust and legitimacy around shared values and aligned purpose among stakeholders.

+ Deeper understanding of existing Fellowship

Discovery phase interviews will unearth a deeper understanding of existing Fellowship expertise, resources, institutional affiliations, and opportunities for engagement.


+ Foster cohesion

Cohesive and coordinated calls to action signal leadership both internally and externally to different stakeholders. An engaged and excited Fellowship unified around a singular vision becomes an army of ambassadors that can drive us to the next stage of RSA’s strategic plan.


+ Create a fulfilling Fellow experience

Developing and testing different forms of involvement for and with new connections will strengthen opportunities for networking, collective action, and engagement pathways.