I design and build social infrastructure for long-term, sustainable power shifts. Thank you for visiting my extended resume.

2018 - 2020

InclusionVentures // SF


InclusionVentures is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultancy with clients like Twitter, Salesforce, World Economic Forum, the Omidyar Network, adidas, and some of the world’s largest global philanthropic organizations. Like most of the DEI industry, they’ve traditionally focused on organizational culture and hiring practices.

But companies are not moving fast enough to resolve gender and racial inequity internally, resulting in tangible societal consequences externally. Driven by my desire to create scalable backdoor solutions that maneuver around the lack of action, I felt InclusionVentures was uniquely positioned within big tech, and approached them about how we might work together to build quicker and more responsive bias mitigation measures directly into the product cycle.

Discovery Phase

Qualitative research
User interviews
Initial landscape analysis
Strategy recommendations

InclusionVentures was looking for new growth opportunities to scale both profits and impact. In this early phase, I explored different strategic directions with possibilities for short to mid-term solutions that could be quickly deployed within pre-existing product development practices and the current cultural landscape.

Euro IA // Riga, Latvia

Workshop design
Idea validation

Integrated some early findings into a workshop for designers to begin building and testing collaborative bias mitigation models relevant to technology product development. Not your typical unconscious bias training.

RSA // London, UK


Global Fellowship Council

RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is a global network of 30,000 Fellows committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. Former Fellows include Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, and Benjamin Franklin.

I am honored to serve as a Fellow and Washington DC Ambassador, and have been selected to represent the U.S. on the Global Fellowship Council. In this capacity, I regularly convene and facilitate key multi-stakeholder conversations, identify and develop relationships for aligned opportunities towards shared goals, and drive strategic alliances that connect local, national, and global interests.

Street University

Project lead
Set strategic goals and objectives
Program design
Identify partners
Establish and build relationships
Develop and manage teams

The creation of Street University was driven by my desire to build a sustainable solution that could change the status quo around the destructive cycle of economic extraction targeting low-income and marginalized communities.

Street University addresses the need for citizens to directly shape the economic policies and practices that affect their communities through a curriculum designed around economic literacy, political advocacy, and social movements.

Art of Change

Set strategic goals and objectives
Operationalize strategies
Program design
Identify partners
Establish and build relationships
Workshop design
Organize events
Develop and manage teams

Art of Change is a vehicle to rally the RSA Fellowship – and the world – around the question “What are the mechanics of social changemaking that make sense in the 21st century?”

We are a core team of myself and 3 other senior-level leaders who have proactively taken on the role of intrapreneurs to shift the RSA towards a truly global collective action network centered around its greatest asset: the Fellows.


I also contribute to building a more inclusive society in other roles within the broader social innovation ecosystem by participating in forums and providing advisory and strategic support to socially-minded ventures.

School of Visual Arts // NYC

Design for Social Innovation

Global Guest Lecture


This lecture course exposes students to the lives and ideas of some of the most important people defining social innovation in the world today. Speakers are curated to inspire new thinking and dialogue on various opportunities for careers in social innovation, and how design plays a role in each of them.

Topic: “A Brief Investigation of how Power, Bias, and Blindspots Affect our Work”

Prointelsec // Europe


The Institute for the Study of Propaganda, Intelligence, and Security is a hybrid think tank/action network focused on historical and contemporary mechanics of the transnational flow of information capital. The goal is to align a global network of academic researchers and real-world practitioners.

DC Civic Innovation Council

Steering Committee

DC Civic Innovation Council coordinates social and financial resources for effective collective action, working towards a more equitable and resilient DC. Provided strategic advisory support for the Council’s early formation.

The Social Justice School // DC

Program Advisor

The Social Justice School’s mission is to catalyze an integrated community of middle-school learners to be scholar-activists who are empowered designers of a more just world. Their academic model is rooted in social justice and design thinking. Provided strategic advisory support to help shape early-stage programming, curriculum, and culture formation.

New Dream

Advisory Expert

New Dream is a youth-centered environmental activist organization that focuses on transforming society’s relationship to over-consumption through the strengthening of community. Invited to annual retreat to advise on impact measurement strategies and rebranding efforts.

Empathy Building through Museums

Communications Advisor

The goal of the Empathy Building Through Museums initiative is to take a cross-sector approach to museums taking a leadership role in empathy-building. Partners include the Dalai Lama, MIT, Yale, and UC Berkeley.

World Government Summit // Dubai, UAE

GovHack Series (DC)


The GovHack Series, an initiative of The World Government Summit, is a collection of global challenges which aim to find innovative technological solutions that help governments in decision making.

2015 - 2018

Tabletribes // DC

Founder, CEO

Tabletribes was a digital community building platform that connected people across silos for offline face-to-face conversations.

Results: 40,000 unique, curated, in-person social collision opportunities across Washington DC, and more than 2 million social collision opportunities total.

The creation of Tabletribes was driven by my desire to build a sustainable, network-driven tech solution that could scale the mechanics of empathy building.

Radius Project

Idea validation
User testing
Experience design
Establish and build relationships
Organize events

“If an entire city could share a single conversation, what would we talk about?” Used Tabletribes to facilitate hyper-local conversations in reaction to national current events, which included topics such as race, gentrification, politics, and religion.

Civic Hall // NYC


Civic Hall is a collaborative innovation center in NYC that advances the use of technology for the public good. It was built on the idea that together – technologists, government officials, community organizers, researchers, makers, social entrepreneurs, change-makers, hackers, academics, journalists, artists – we can build and scale solutions to civic problems.

Selected to explore how Tabletribes might be applied to relational organizing contexts.

Center for Global Policy Solutions // DC

ADELPHI Strategy Collective


Invited to join the ADELPHI (Advancing Data Equity, Leadership, Policy, Health, and Innovation) Project to help the Center for Global Policy Solutions produce innovative solutions that address society’s biggest challenges.

CityFirst Foundation // DC

Community Finance Conference 2017


This day-long conference convened key community development stakeholders to build integrated solutions toward community prosperity and well-being for all, particularly in low to moderate income communities.

Race Forward

Facing Race Conference 2016


Rooted in the practices of “activist entrepreneurs” across the history of the U.S., our panel explored “How can business be used to dismantle interlocking systems of oppression?”

U.S. Institute of Peace // DC

PeaceTech Lab Roundtable


The global ubiquity of low-cost, easy-to-access technology is changing the way information and capital flow. How could this new economy approach apply to peacebuilding? How can individuals and organizations using peacetech — defined as media, technology, and data for conflict prevention and peacebuilding — amplify the power of these tools for positive social change?

Designing the We // NYC

#ImWithUs popup exhibit (DC)


Using visualizations and discussion circles, along with the “Undesign the Redline” exhibit, we curated a series of events that showcased the policies, practices, and investments perpetuating systemic disparities and inequalities.





In 2015, I was asked who my female heroes were. Failing miserably at answering the question, I tried to figure out why in the interview. It was the early days of my activist awakening, and today I would do much better.

Meredith Fineman

Tech in DC: Not All Dudes. Here Are Some Women.


Meredith Fineman, a DC-based writer and champion of women at work, was angry that a local “Tech Titans” list only featured men. So she made this compilation and included me on it.

Women 2.0



In addition to being included on this list, I received a Kapor Capital Women 2.0 scholarship to attend their conference.

2011 - 2014

Xuntora Labs


Xuntora Labs was a research-driven design initiative dedicated to building community-facing solutions that scale empathy.

Office of Digital Strategy // DC

White House

Advisory Expert

Invited to participate in a series of informal brainstorms on digital strategy and engagement efforts.

Wisdom Hackers


Wisdom Hackers was a global collective of leading young thinkers (entrepreneurs, literary talents, leading artists, DJs, and culture hackers) from across art, design, technology, and innovation to deep-dive into core themes of human agency and ancient wisdom that could be applied to modern contexts. The 8-week explorations resulted in a compilation of essays that were published by UK-based Pigeonhole Publishing.

Topic: “How do we radically change the way we engage with each other and the world around us in order to create a global network of sustainable empathy?”

No. 68 // DC


Number 68 Project was a 9-week integrated cultural, culinary, and conversational community experiment that brought together a network of nationally-recognized writers, artists, and thought leaders from across Washington DC with some of the city’s top chefs and mixologists, to build a platform for the open exchange of ideas around the dinner table.

With origins in London, I was brought in to jumpstart its presence in the U.S., which I accomplished by overhauling prior efforts with updated concept development, experience design, public-facing communications, and event facilitation, as well as tapping into my networks across DC, NYC, and LA for speakers and guests. The results were featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and various innovation-focused outlets.

Life before 2011

In a prior life, I briefly dabbled in fashion, media, public relations, and ad agencies in New York and London. This period was devoid of meaning and purpose, but I learned a lot about how power relationships construct reality and shape perceptions.

Companies include: W Magazine, Nadine Johnson PR (i.e. Prada, Harper’s Bazaar, Page Six, The Standard Hotel), JWT London, Johannes Leonardo NYC.


In hindsight, it’s clear that I’ve always sought to understand society from multiple perspectives by learning and practicing different forms of creation. My background in the humanities and communications taught me how to analyze the artifacts of civilization. A design education gave me the tools to reverse-engineer them.

Johns Hopkins University


BA English Literature

BA Art History

Minor Film & Media Criticism

Art Center College of Design

Los Angeles

Environmental Design

Advertising Design

Central St. Martins

London, UK

Graphic Design