Hello! I'm

Hosan Lee

I navigate through the world at the intersection of social innovation, technology, and interaction design. Through a vast network of relationships with other mission-oriented leaders across the globe, I am uniquely positioned and motivated to mobilize around shared vision. This includes collaborations with people I trust and respect to help kick-start innovation concepts within their organizations, or assembling teams to execute on my own.

Some of my projects have been featured in press outlets like the Financial Times, Fortune, and Forbes, and speaking engagements have included discussions on power, empathy, race, startups, entrepreneurship, and scaling social cohesion.

Life’s journey has led me to my current focus: strengthening social systems for community-driven power shifts. My approach is defined by a holistic, output-agnostic, creative process of deep inquiry that helps me 1) synthesize seemingly diverse contexts into actionable human-centered insights, 2) strategically align these opportunities across multiple stakeholders, and 3) operationalize towards collective impact.

I currently split my time between Washington DC and Switzerland.

Every now and then my work winds up in public.

Media & Interviews



Financial Times

Washington Post

New York Times

Thomson Reuters

Speaking Engagements

School of Visual Arts (NYC)

EuroIA (Riga)

U.S. Institute of Peace (DC)

Race Forward (Atlanta)

Civic Hall (NYC)

World Government Summit (DC)